Sunday, February 18, 2007

Same Dinner Every Night!

if you must know anything about me, know this:

1. i am very lazy
2. i am very impatient
3. i am often hungry
4. i like eggs

whenever i prepare dinner for myself, i usually prepare the same exact thing every single night. join me as i journey through my culinary wonders since may of 2003, the month i graduated from college.

may-december 2003
starch: udon noodles
protein: egg
vegetable: tomato

love this. it is warm, delicious, and the noodles are slimy. look at how delicious:

january-february 2004
starch: rice
protein: none
vegetable: spinach

eventually got sick of this. spinach and rice soup is fascinating for about the first three weeks, and started to really get on my nerves in mid-february.

march-june 2004

starch: udon noodles
protein: egg
vegetable: tomato

everyone relapses with old loves. especially after a six week long mistake with spinach.

july 2004-november 2004
starch: rice
protein: pork
vegetable: broccoli

just so you know, broccoli is one of my great loves. it probably deserves to be number 5 in that list at the top. it's green, it's good for you, and it looks like a small tree that you can get cut into tinier and even tinier trees. my friend irvin gave me a stress ball thing that he got from kaiser permanente, except it's not a ball at all, it's a broccoli. i put it in my refrigerator.

december 2004-march 2005

starch: rice
protein: brussel sprouts
vegetable: brussel sprouts

after broccoli, i discovered brussel sprouts. they're high in protein, easy to cut (in half!), and have a slight advantage over broccoli because instead of looking like small trees, brussel sprouts look like small brains, which i find mildly intriguing.

april 2005-july 2005
starch: spaghetti noodles
protein: brussel sprouts
vegetable: brussel sprouts, capers
oil: olive

hmmm. in writing this, i've realized that my culinary genealogy is a lot like that game mastermind where on each successive turn you change just one color in the sequence. or like that word game where you have to figure out how to get from one word to another by changing one letter at a time, and all of the words in between actually have to be real words. you can't be a dick and use 'turntgble' as your penultimate move before you claim victory at 'turntable.'

why am i so nerdy? it's annoying.

august 2005-november 2005
starch: spaghetti noodles
protein: eggs
vegetable: capers
oil: olive
sauce: soy

yes. yes, capers were promoted to 'vegetable.'

december 2005-april 2006
starch: rice
protein: eggs
vegetable: tomato

i love this dish. it is one of my favorite favorite favorites, and it takes about 3 minutes to cook. rachael ray is wasting her time. i can eat, water my plant, practice piano, and watch an episode of threes company in the remaining 27 minutes. i actually recently compiled all of these quick recipes into a book that is available at Imaginary Bookstore.

may 2006-august 2006
starch: noodles
protein: eggs
vegetable: tomato, capers
oil: olive

i am running out of things to say, so i will paste a cute picture here instead of trying to think of something remotely interesting to say.

august 2006-february 2007
during this time period, i started eating out a lot. near my house. there are three main places that i go:
1. sunflower (vietnamese pho)
2. pancho villa (burrito)
3. katz (bagels)

my friend cathy and i were walking down 16th street last night, where all three of these places are located. as we walked by, i waved cheerily at each person working, and they waved cheerily back. cathy proclaimed me the mayor of 16th street, and i giggled happily until i remembered that the only reason why these people know me is because i eat a lot and happen to spend money on food at these three venues because i am too lazy to venture more than a block away from my house.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

the mayor of 16th street! that's a good one.

look, you're disgusting. you basically eat no vegetables at all except for your occasional broccoli & brussel sprouts. TOMATOES are not vegetables. CAPERS are not vegetables. POTATO CHIPS are the only real vegetable.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Rita said...

I only eat noodle soup every day for lunch. Sometimes it's vegetable-based soup, sometimes chicken. With udon.

Man, I love this blog.

That picture was very cute.

I love the broccoli stress grip, too.

Actually, I love broccoli!


11:48 PM  

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