Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Re vs Pro

I realized today that I intensely like a number of things that were wildly popular a long time ago.

1. 'Remember the Time' by Michael Jackson and 'Something About You' by Level 42

I thought that 'Remember the Time' was the cheesiest, stupidest, dorkiest song ever when it came out in 1992. I rediscovered it in college, around the year 2000, and I think it's so bomb ass it's still on my Top 25 Played playlist.

I was hanging around at my friend's office at work the other day, and 'Something About You' was streaming over internet radio. My friend said, 'I love this station. I feel like I'm at a dentist's office, all day.' I ran back to my desk to download it and it is soooooo awesome. It's been on repeat for a full 48 hours. Can I demonstrate why?

there's something abooouuuuuuuuutt
the wwaaay
you aahhhhhh so riiiiiihiiiittteeee
don't want to be without yooouuuuu

2. The color teal

When I was six I refused to wear anything that was pink or teal, because those colors were for sissy girls. Instead, I invested my time and energy in much more stylish clothing, including matching sweatpant outfits that featured skiing bears. My mom made them for me, and the complete ensemble included not only a sweatshirt, but also pants and a skirt.

Now I have a teal bag, teal shelf, teal belt, and multiple items of teal clothing. Another reason why teal is so great is because it's a good candidate for anagrams.


3. Rubik's cube

The other day this engineer came into our office and spotted the rubik's cube that was sitting on top of my co-worker's desk. He said, 'oh. yes. it bothers me when it's not solved. may i solve it, please?' Bill had had the cube for months and had been trying to solve it for that long. Lars, the engineer, solved it in the best 6 seconds of my life.

We had our meeting, but before he left, I asked him if I messed it up again, would he mind solving it again? Not at all. Thus passed the second best six seconds of my life. You can see his website, which includes his own personal seven-step method for solving the cube. http://lar5.com/cube/index.html

So far I am stuck, because I first need to buy one.

I guess my overall question is this: have I regressed so much that I'm back in the 1908s, 1992 at the latest? Or am I progressing so slowly such that only now am I starting to like things that were popular 14 years ago? Or, lastly, do the enduring traits of these three things transcend the bounds of time?

I am scared of the answer so I will stop thinking about it now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you haven't listed enough to seriously want to go back & live in the 80's. It's not like you don't like anything 90's or 00's-ish. plus 80's teal is in combo w/ pink and lavendar.

we all miss the old MJ.

2:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

in diagonal stripes on a velour shirt

2:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why you gotta potato hate!? Freedom fries, hash browns, chips, potato curries, scalloped n' au gratin, stews, tater tots, and so on & so forth!

btw, you cheated on the food combo. That cheese has to be mixed in w/ the dish.

3:04 AM  

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