Monday, October 16, 2006

Eternal Flame

While my list of loves is constantly in flux and inclues an extensive list of animals, vegetables, and minerals, two primary categories have been on the list for a while:

1. Food
2. Clothes

My basic philosophy is that if it's a quality item, than it should go well with everything else in its category. Let's test it.

My Favorite Foods (in random order)

(a) tomatoes
(b) mushrooms
(c) broccoli
(d) brussell sprouts
(e) cheese (any kind)
(f) rice
(g) eggs (in any format)
(h) mashed potatoes (mashed only, please)
(i) green onions
(j) pickles

My Favorite Clothes (iro)

(a) houndstooth jacket
(b) black patent leather kitten heeled shoes with grained heel
(c) dark denim
(d) black v neck sweater
(e) gold dangly earrings
(f) short shorts
(g) black blazer
(h) black and white v neck striped sweater
(i) lacoste shirt
(j) silver sparkly peep toe mary janes (they look better than they sound)

Now let's take a random group of these things. Better yet, let's spell out a word. A word like fade.

(f) rice
(a) tomatoes
(d) brussell sprouts
(e) cheese

(f) short shorts
(a) houndstooth jacket
(d) black v neck sweater
(e) gold dangly earrings

Do you see?? Do you see how this works? Rice, tomatoes, and brussell sprouts sound delicious. We can have the cheese before the meal. All appetizer-like.

Black v neck sweater with shorty shorts, gold dangly earrings, and a houndstooth jacket sounds like what I wore last Friday.

Excellent! So, my big conclusion for this posting is that

is that

I'm right! I'm always right!


Blogger Kerrie said...

I don't believe you that 55% of your favorite foods are vegetables (pickles getting half credit).

What about Cheezits? What about bacon?


5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you eat Cheezits & bacon????

3:06 AM  

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