Tuesday, October 10, 2006


i sort of like the word reconciliation because it's relevant on many levels: a relationship with a friend, a relationship between nations, or a relationship between a bank account and a checkbook. i only sort of like because it does not possess a lot of things that i like about particular words, including being fun to say, containing the letter 'x,' and not having too many syllables.

that being said, i've been having recent troubles reconciling my seemingly insatiable lust for beautiful, expensive things (a) with my deep-seated and die-hard passion for cheapo crap (b).

Exhibit (a)

Design Within Reach
LC4 Chaise Lounge - Leather

Exhibit (b)

Rice Bowl

Is there a solution to this? Is it OK to mix miu miu with Hanes wifebeaters? Or does my entire wardrobe have to be outfitted by Prada? Is it OK if my apartment has been furnished solely by Le Mart de K?

My answer right now is yes, primarily because the former is financially impossible and the latter doesn't have a location in the bay area, that i know of. However, I'm inclined to think that even if I had an unlimited bank account, that my answer would still be yes, for the following reasons:

1. Less devastation when apartment burns down
2. Hanes wifebeats yellow easily and require frequent replenishing

mm hmm. Those are two excellent reasons.

Once I met a friend of a friend who said that when he was working PR in NYC several years ago, he could only afford McDonald's yogurt parfaits for dinner, but shopped at Saks. This is the same friend who came to visit San Francisco, at which time my friend said to him, 'Where is that vest from?' And he said, 'Prahhdahh.' And my friend said, 'Oh. I thought you were going to say Old Navy.'

I do not want this to happen to me. The only thing more devastating that spending $450 on a fleece vest is having your friends thinks that you bought it for $4.50 at Old Navy, which is neither old nor remotely related to the navy.

Which brings me to my final conclusion. If I'm going to buy something that is severely overpriced, it'd better pay off. This means that:

1. It is supremely more comfortable than the same product by a cheaper brand
2. It is a ridiculously unique product that no other company is knocking off
3. It's obnoxious, such that people comment on it, and you are able to reply nonchalantly, 'oh, it's by miu miu.'
4. It does my homework

If it doesn't fall into one of these four categories, I recommend aborting the purchase and blowing that money on your apartment. Seriously. That sofa looks like shit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

comfortable, fits excellently, is flattering, well-designed, quality materials, will last until a civilization centuries later digs it up & displays it in a museum.

2:38 AM  

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