Monday, August 20, 2007

Best Answer Ever

i was at a dinner party this past saturday, and these two friendly looking guys sauntered in and sat down at the table. their friend said, 'hey! what'd you guys do today?'

they said 'dinosaur origami.' they went on later to say they followed up dinosaur orgami with 'text twist,' which is like my favorite friggin game ever.

'dinosaur origami' might be the best honest response to that question i have ever had the good fortune to witness in person. common answers to this question include:

-ran errands
-nuthin. fuckin sat around and drank burrs
-i forgot

let's compare these two things pictorally. never liked reading something that didn't have at least a few pictures in it.

-ran errands
-nuthin. fuckin sat
around and drank burrs
-i forgot


i was impressed. it made me want to take up eccentrically affected hobbies just so i, too, can say interesting things in response to this question, like 'potato sculpture' and 'midget squash.' but alas, all i did this weekend was fucking nothing. sat around and drank a bunch of beers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that photo of the kids is making me really nostalgic for Trig & Pre-Calc.

3:23 AM  
Blogger Rita said...


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