Monday, November 05, 2007


so for a couple of days now, i've been visiting a place that's 12.5 hours ahead of where i usually live. as a result, i am awake at 3am and have been trying to fall asleep now for about four hours. for you, i would like to provide a sampling of the things that i've spent time thinking about during this half-asleep, half-awake period:
  • wow, the gucci spring 08 line is stunning, isn't it? those pinks and yellows and grays - so lovely all together.
  • i'm hungry. there's some beef jerky in my suitcase, i think.
  • apparently the tap water quality here is very poor. should i be brushing my teeth with filtered water?
  • i hate that i love facebook.
  • men who wear their hair in ponytails should be shot.
  • you know, to be honest, britney's new album isn't that bad. her people got some good producers.
  • ella ella ella eh eh under mah um-bur-ella
  • if i had to be any animal, i would definitely be a cheetah. or maybe a tiger? a white tiger? no wait...a cheetah. yeah. cheetah. just goes to show. trust your first instinct.
  • people who like quinoa have no souls. that crap has, like, no flavor. plus it looks like it has pubic hair. absolutely revolting.
THIS is what i think about when i'm not paying attention? this??

my brain is garbage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

quinoa is fun b/c it's crunchy, and the pubic hairs are entertaining. besides, you're supposed to add seasoning to it (like tofu . . you like tofu). it's pretty good w/ soy sauce and various vegetables.

a cheetah is a pretty good choice.

2:51 AM  

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